Hotels In New Smyrna Beach, Vacation Rental New Smyrna Beach, Motel in New Smyrna Beach, New Smyrna Beach Condo, New Smyrna Beach Vacation Rental
hotels in new smyrna beach

NEW SMYRNA BEACH - "The World's Safest Bathing Beach" free entertainment in a clean, peaceful setting (sunbathing, swimming, surfing, jet skiing,wind surfing, fishing, shell collecting). Find florida (new smyrna beach) vacation rentals condo, family vacation rental home, luxury beach rental, beach rentals just an hour from orlando, florida golf vacation rentals, new smyrna beach front villas, florida fishing vacation home rentals, vacation home in central florida with peaceful and beautiful towns around them. Other links include hot destinations like Disney, Kissimmee, Key West, Miami, Naples with pet friendly rental homes.

Vacation Rental new smyrna Beach Florida
Hotels In New Smyrna Beach, Vacation Rental New Smyrna Beach, Motel in New Smyrna Beach, New Smyrna Beach Condo, New Smyrna Beach Vacation Rental
florida vacation rentals

florida vacation rentals

Beach right outside our condo

Vacation Rental new smyrna Beach Florida Vacation Rental new smyrna Beach Florida


View From Balcony: Excellent Beach & Pool View


new smyrna beach condo rentals new smyrna beach condo rentals

Recreation Area Next To the Pool

Hotels In new smyrna Beach


Vacation Rental new smyrna Beach Florida



new smyrna beach condo rentals


new smyrna beach home rentals


new smyrna beach condo rentals

Master Bedroom - Beach View - Attached Bathroom



2nd Bedroom with Beach View as well.

new smyrna beach condo rentals


new smyrna beach condo rentals new smyrna beach condo rentals


Dining Area - Next To Kitchen

ocean front vacation rental

Kitchen With Appliances

Newly Renovated Bathrooms



Our Condominium Tennis Court Few Steps From The Beach, Beach Parking Area, Shopping Mall Across The Street

new smyrna beach condo rentals new smyrna beach condo rentals

Bldg. - Our Condo is on the 4th Floornew smyrna beach condo rentals


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386-951-1722 / 718-869-0131 If you are interested in the above Condo Rental.

About Our Condo Amenities - florida vacation rentalsnew smyrna beach condo rentals

Condo Rental Rates: Depending upon the availibility, rental rates are negotiable. Most of the season it is $1800 - $2250 per month, $475 - $620 per week and $110 - $130 per day. Discounts are given to our repeat renters.

Check-In Availibility: Please email us with your request dates to check the availibility of the condo.

Amenities: Our condo is fully furnished with all required amenities.

  • The condo has 2 bedrooms, 2 baths, balcony (beach and pool view). All rooms mostly have beach views. Obviously beach is just a step away.
  • Brand New Air conditioning system, unlike other condo's.
  • Fully furnished condo with king size bed in one bedroom and twin beds in the second bedroom, in case you have guests coming in. Fully furnished living room with dinning table.
  • Kitchen is fully equipped.
  • Free parking, Private Condominium Swimming Pool and Tennis Court. Everything within the premises.
  • Kids recreation area next to the swimming pool and the beach.
  • Big Shopping Mall, Department Stores, Restaurants, Bars etc. are right across the street. Just walk across the condominium.
  • This one is on the non-driving side of the beach with family friendly clean environment, and scenic views.
  • Cable television.
  • Broadband Internet is provided for long term renters.




You can view all the condo pictures on the left and for people who have never been to New Smyrna Beach before, we have made this page as descriptive as possible. Here you will find everything you need to know for your trip to New Smyrna Beach. If you need more info, feel free to email us. florida vacation rentals

About New Smyrna Beach
new smyrna beach home rentals
Unlike other crowded Florida beaches, New Smyrna Beach is your best vacation destination. florida vacation rentals

Location: New Smyrna Beach is located on Florida's east coast, just north of Cape Canaveral. Off 1-95, exit 84A. Closest beach to all central Florida attractions.

History: The land, originally inhabited by Timucuan Indians, was settled in 1767 by Dr. Andrew Turnbull, a Scottish physician. He named the town after his wife's birthplace of Smyrna, Turkey (now known as lzmir).

Land Area: 19.5 square miles, including a 13.2-mile stretch of beach. An additional 22 miles available at Canaveral National Seashore.

Population: Currently, New Smyrna Beach is home to approximately 17,500 citizens.


Attractions florida vacation rentals

The Beach - "The World's Safest Bathing Beach" free entertainment in a clean, peaceful setting (sunbathing, swimming, surfing, jet skiing,wind surfing, fishing, shell collecting).

Turnbull Ruins - The remaining structure of Dr. Turnbull's unfinished mansion upon which several other buildings were constructed and then destroyed.

Turtle Mound - A 50 foot high mound, containing 33,000 cubic yards of oyster shells, created by the Timucuan Indians. Visible 7 miles out at sea and historically used as a navigational device.
Canaveral National Seashore - Twenty-four miles of preserved coastline. Home to many unique species of plants and animals. Nesting grounds of loggerhead sea turtles.
Ponce Inlet Lighthouse - Built in 1882 on the north side of the inlet, the lighthouse stands 175 feet high and overlooks the Atlantic Ocean and Intracoastal Waterway.
ORLANDO - Disney, beaches & other orlando attractions are just an hour drive from here.
new smyrna beach - One of the other most popular beaches in central florida is just 20 minutes drive from here.
New Smyrna International Speed - NASCAR - Everything you need to see and know about a race, visit this historic New Smyrna International Speedway, again just 20 minutes drive from New Smyrna Beach.

new smyrna beach condo rentals new smyrna beach condo rentals



Recreation florida vacation rentals

Backwater Fishing - Mosquito Lagoon is a 21 1/2 mile long and 3 1/2 mile wide lagoon containing redfish, black grouper, speckled trout, tarpon, triple tail, snook, spots and Spanish mackerel to name just a few.
Golf - Golf enthusiasts have three 18-hole courses to choose from locally, but many more within a 30 minute drive, including the new LPGA course.
Theater - Atlantic Center for the Arts hosts theatrical performances, lectures, recitals and readings. Little Theater puts on several plays and musicals throughout the year.
Stock Car Racing - New Smyrna Speedway holds weekly races. New Smyrna Speedway is 20 minutes away.
Dining - New Smyrna Beach, surrounded by the plentiful waters of the Atlantic Ocean, Intracoastal Waterway and Mosquito Lagoon, claims the best fresh seafood restaurants around. There are also restaurants for lovers of traditional, Italian, Mexican and Chinese fare.
Shopping - New Smyrna Beach and nearby Edgewater have several shopping plazas. Visitors can also frequent the different shops and boutiques in downtown New Smyrna Beach, picking up souvenirs and gifts along the way.




New Smyrna At It's Best florida vacation rentals

For decades, Florida's beaches have had a magnetic effect on people all over the world, drawing them to the coastlines in droves. Sadly, this tremendous influx has tainted and spoiled many of these once pristine seashores. However, New Smyrna Beach remains to be almost untouched, free of the heavy traffic, large crowds and pollution that plague most Florida beaches. New Smyrna Beach, naturally buffered on every side from the hectic daily grind, is the ideal refuge for those who truly need to get away from it all. What can be more healing than basking in the warm
rays of the sun on the silky soft sands of New Smyrna Beach and splashing around in the blue-green waters of the Atlantic Ocean? The average air and water temperature of 70 degrees lets everyone take advantage of the soothing powers of the beach year round.

New Smyrna's beach stretches for 13.2 miles, protected to the north by an imposing rock jetty and to the south by the Canaveral National Seashore Park, a designated wildlife preserve. Dubbed the "World's Safest Bathing Beach," New Smyrna Beach is also protected by rock ledges 25 - 40 miles offshore which eliminate dangerous undercurrents.Nature has safeguarded New Smyrna Beach to the north, south and east, and conscientious New Smyrna citizens have preserved the land to the west by taking precautions against erosion. Unlike many Florida beaches which are lined with towering condominiums and hotels that significantly reduce the beaches' protective barrier of sand dunes, New Smyrna Beach's tasteful, low-rise condominiums are strategically placed along the beach.

new smyrna beach condo rentals
Surfing is especially popular because of New Smyrna's excellent wave breaks, the best in Florida. Every summer, the best surfers in the country head to New Smyrna to compete in the ASP Surfing Competition. Even if you're not a pro, New Smyrna's safe waters make it the perfect surfing spot for beginners.

florida vacation rentals

new smyrna beach home rentals
Wind surfing, sailing and jet skiing are also fun ocean sports. To go water skiing and hydro sliding, the Indian River (Intracoastal Waterway) is only a hop, skip and a jump away. Fish enthusiasts can charter boats that leave from Ponce Inlet for deep sea fishing. One of the best parts of vacationing is

bringing home lots of souvenirs and gifts.There are numerous novelty shops and boutiques along the charming streets on the oceanside and mainland to satisfy the most avid shopper.

florida vacation rentals

All of these activities build up appetites, and New Smyrna boasts the best fresh seafood restaurants around, where "Catch of the Day" means exactly that. There are also restaurants for lovers of traditional, Italian, Mexican and Chinese fare.After a few therapeutic days in the water, wind and sun, visitors will be ready to hit Central Florida's man-made attractions. New Smyrna Beach is the closest beach to these attractions, so visitors can return the same evening. The Space Coast and St. Augustine, the nation's oldest city, are also only a short drive away. The tranquility, beauty and recreation of New Smyrna Beach make it unquestionably the perfect getaway.

florida vacation rentals

This undeveloped, protected barrier beach also serves as a refuge for several endangered and protected species of Florida wildlife. On rare occasions, even a Florida panther can be spotted in its natural habitat.A scenic drive south on A1A leads to Canaveral National Seashore Park, a 57,000-acre reserve that's home to a variety of indigenous birds. Discovering and identifying wading birds is just one of the activities Mother Nature provides to entertain her beachside guests. At the park, bird watchers can take a gander at some of the most unusual, well-plumed birds in North America, including the blue heron, pelican, water turkey, ibis, snowy egret, great egret and countless varieties of waterfowl and shore birds. Canaveral Seashore, a 24-mile stretch of unspoiled coastline and one of the longest in the United States, also serves as a home to the nesting loggerhead turtle.

florida vacation rentals

Strict enforcement is practiced to protect New Smyrna's loggerhead turtles since the odds are stacked against the turtles from the start; only one in 10,000 lives to adulthood. Despite the bleak statistics, loggerhead sea turtles continue, as they have for 150 million years, to make the perilous trek from the familiarity of the ocean to the beaches of Canaveral Seashore to lay eggs. Nesting can begin as early as May and end as late as September. Usually, the peak nesting period occurs during the months of June and July, when more than 2,000 nests are created and 240,000 eggs are laid.

Alongside Florida wildlife, the sea dune landscape supports several species of plant life, including the tropical seagrape, beach berry, saw palmetto, yucca and black mangrove. A hike on the nearby Castle Windy trail offers nature lovers a bird's eye view of the scrub live oak, wild coffee, wild pines, a variety of air plants and the sable palm, Florida's state tree.

Shelling is a another form of natural entertainment at the water's edge on Canaveral Seashore, where nature provides an unlimited supply of shells year 'round, in all shapes and sizes. Former homes to snails and other sea creatures, the most common shells consist of moon and jingle shells, calico scallops, angel wings, the coquina clam, slipper shell and the valuable pearl oyster.

A short drive further along A1A leads to Turtle Mound, one of the most significant geographical sites on the east coast of the U.S. Historians estimate that it consists of 33,000 cubic yards of oyster shells, extends 600 feet along the Indian River and is 50 feet high. Dating back to prehistoric times, the mound was built by the Timucuan Indians, and served as a lookout point for enemies and approaching storms.


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florida vacation rentals

florida vacation rentals

For those would-be anglers, a professional guide can assist in learning the ins and outs of the lagoon -- many of whom guarantee a catch or your money back. Also found here are speckled trout, tarpon, mango, snook, triple tail, bluefish, jack chevalle, drum, sailor's choice and Spanish mackerel.

New Smyrna Beach's temperate climate, magnificent ocean scenery and flora and fauna, provide unique appeal to all who visit here. All one has to do is take a look at the surroundings -- where Mother Nature still knows best.

florida vacation rentals

Mosquito Lagoon, sandwiched between the Atlantic Ocean and Oak Hill (just south of New Smyrna) is part of the Canaveral Seashore system belonging to NASA. This sprawling body of water, made up of four bays, is one of the Southeast's most abundant fishing areas where one can catch redfish and flounder. In addition, the brackish waters create an ideal environment for clams, shrimp and oysters. Deep-sea sportsmen can expect to land snapper, amberjack, wahoo, black bass and tarpon.


florida vacation rentals


Vacation Rental New Smyrna Beach Florida

At first glance, the New Smyrna Beach Resort Area may not appear to be suited for those with an adventurous spirit. Granted, there are no mountains to climb, no raging rivers to raft or ski slopes to careen down, but there are other activities that will get you just as high. Ask the surfers, windsurfers, jet skiers, water skiers and hydro-sliders who catch air as they tear up the waters of New Smyrna Beach.

The New Smyrna Beach Resort Area, located on the central east coast of Florida, is surrounded by bodies of water; the Atlantic Ocean to the east, the Intracoastal Waterway to the west and Mosquito Lagoon in between the two. New Smyrna prides itself on being a laid-back coastal town, free of the crowds, pollution and noise that plague other Florida beaches. It is the ideal location to go wild with water sports.


florida vacation rentals


florida vacation rentals

florida vacation rentals

It's a little known fact that the strip of ocean off the coast of New Smyrna is one of the best surfing spots in Florida. Rock ledges 4-5 miles off shore cause excellent wave breaks and protect swimmers from dangerous undertoes. Not only can accomplished surfers rip up New Smyrna's waves, but beginners can learn the sport in safe waters. No matter your level of expertise, surfing gives you a rush like no other.

Every summer, the American Professional Surfing Association holds one of its premier contests in New Smyrna. Rookies and veterans from all over the country compete for the titles being given in several categories. A number of locals have gone on to make names for themselves in the surfing world.

Going sailing for a day on the ocean in a catamaran is sure to challenge the most avid thrill seeker. There is almost always a brisk wind off the water to get you cruising along the waves at a fair speed. You are the "cruise director," so to speak, depending on how you adjust the sails. Be prepared for salt water spray, windblown hair, bands of porpoises and other sea life. You'll love every minute of it. The Intracoastal Waterway (Indian River), which is approximately a mile west of the ocean, is frequented by wind surfers. The calmer waters and closer borders of the river are ideal for novices, but jumping the wakes of passing power boats could prove to be tricky and a lot of fun. With the inlet leading to the ocean close by, don't be surprised to see porpoises in the river too.

Only experienced wind surfers should attempt to sail the rougher waters of the ocean, which is an exhilarating ride. With only a sailboard and sail separating you from the depths of the ocean, sailors must rely on their prowess to keep them from being lost at sea.

If you need a motor to get you "revved" up, jet skiing is the thing for you. Let your wild side loose by jumping waves or boat wakes, doing spins and pushing the throttle to the max. Several vendors along the beach and by the river rent the powered machines on an hourly or daily basis.

What about a day cruising along the river, water skiing and hyrdo-sliding? It's wide enough and usually calm enough to spend the day practicing your tricky maneuvers. Don't worry about packing a lunch, just dock at one of the several riverside seafood restaurants. But if you do bring a picnic, anchor off one of the many little islands in the river and eat there.

Dozens of towns in Florida offer these same activities, but it's the lifestyle of New Smyrna Beach that makes it more appealing than those other towns. Athletes, especially water sports enthusiasts, choose their sport because of the feelings they get from them. In New Smyrna, where the pace is casual and laid-back, those feelings are heightened. You won't be disturbed by crowds, frantic activity or pollution. On New Smyrna Beach, and on the Intracoastal, the dominating sounds are those of waves crashing on shore, seagulls, the occasional roar of a boat or jet ski motor and laughter.

The laughter will be yours and your friends' as you recount the day's activities in a quaint fresh seafood restaurant or in one of the casual seaside bars. The relaxed, easy-going atmosphere of the entire town will prepare you for another day of New Smyrna Beach adventure.



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We also own a condo in new smyrna beach Shores in Peck Plaza (Tallest Tower in new smyrna beach). This has Spectacular views of OCEAN / BEACH / RIVER AND CITY SKYLINE.

To view this condo please click here:-

Peck Plaza Vacation Rental

new smyrna beach condo rentals
new smyrna beach condo rentals



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